250px-Tyro during the invasion

Tyro was the wise and courageous leader of a rural Earth Kingdom mining village, and the father of Haru.

Prison of War Edit

In 94 AG, the Fire Nation attacked Tyro's town. Tyro and his fellow earthbenders were outnumbered ten to one, but nonetheless fought back bravely. They were ultimately defeated, however, and subsequently detained in an offshore prison rig, constructed entirely from metal. He remained a leader and an inspiration to his people, even during their depressing imprisonment.[2]

Tyro worked hard to keep the prisoners alive throughout their captivity. Unwilling to engage in hopeless combat on a prison rig without earth to bend, he did not favor open resistance with his captors; even Katara's hopeful persuasion to mutiny failed to goad him to battle the Fire Nation soldiers. However, when Aang provided a source of earth and his son Haru showed a willingness to fight, Tyro shed his reluctance and helped lead the fight for freedom. After their victory at the rig, Tyro stated his intentions to defeat the Fire Nation Army and take back his village,[1] which was eventually fulfilled.

Super PowersEdit

Tyro was a skilled earthbender. He was able to create a wall of coal, easily blocking the warden's fire blast. In addition, he and four other earthbenders, including Haru, created a shield strong enough to withstand a combined blast from several firebenders. Together, he and Haru were able to compress a large amount of coal into a single projectile, a difficult feat to accomplish. He was also a capable teacher, having personally taught his son earthbending, eventually helping him become a proficient earthbender.

Friends Edit

  1. Avatar Aang
  2. Chief Hakoda
  3. Chief Sokka
  4. Suki


  1. Phoenix King Ozai

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