Tobiume (飛梅) is the manifested spirit of Momo Hinamori's Zanpakutō.

Powers & Abilities Edit

High Spiritual Power: As the Zanpakutō spirit of a lieutenant-level Shinigami, Tobiume possesses a considerable amount of Reiryoku, allowing her to fight evenly against Momo Hinamori.[3][4] She managed to hold her own against Yoruichi Shihōin, though both of them were holding back at the time.[6] She effortlessly took down several Gillians during the defense of the Human World.[9] Her Reiatsu is red.[9]

Enhanced Strength: Tobiume possesses a considerable amount of physical strength. She can throw her bells with enough force to create a small crater in a building upon impact.[7]

Enhanced Speed: Tobiume is a considerably fast combatant. She effortlessly kept up with Momo, a Shunpo expert, during their battle.[3][4] She caught Yoruichi off-guard with a surprise attack,[5] and managed to keep up with Yoruichi while the latter was holding back.[6]

Zanpakutō Edit

  • Shikai: Tobiume manifests Tobiume with the command "Snap" (弾け, hajike). It takes the form of a straight-edged blade with two prongs along its length.[9]
Shikai Special Ability: Tobiume can fire large fireballs from Tobiume by swinging it at her opponent. These fireballs are powerful enough to blast clean through a Gillian's head.


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