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The wife of Shikamaru Nara. She is the sister of Kankuro, and Gaara of the Desert.

History Edit

Temari is first introduced with her brothers Kankurō and Gaara. At first, she is shown to have an infatuation for Sasuke by blushing and becoming mildly excited when she thought he had asked who she was. When questioned by Sakura Haruno why they were in their village, Temari chastised her, calling her ignorant.


  1. Cyclone Scythe Jutsu
  2. Group Wind Style Jutsu
  3. Ninja Art: Sandstorm Jutsu
  4. Ninja Art: Wind Scythe Jutsu
  5. Summoning: Blade Dance
  6. Summoning Jutsu: Kamatari
  7. Wind Style: Air Current Dance
  8. Wind Style: Art of the Gust Blade
  9. Wind Style: Casting Net
  10. Wind Style: Giant Casting Net
  11. Wind Style: Sea Dragon
  12. Wind Unit Attack Formation C

Superpowers Edit

Instead of doing it quietly she announces exactly how they are going to attack.

Wind Style: Casting Net: A wide range Jutsu designed to over take my speed.


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