Among all of Yugi's friends, Téa is the voice of reason. A childhood friend of Yugi's, Téa is also the biggest cheerleader in the group, always encouraging everyone to believe in themselves and never give up. Téa loves her friends so very much and is willing to help them any way she can.

Trivia Edit

  • Played straight in Yu-Gi-Oh! with most of the male cast. Jounouchi and Honda actually lifted Anzu's skirt with a ruler, Kaiba's machine in the Death-T arc touched her breasts, one minor character planned to rape Anzu in one chapter and episode, Honda's nephew buried his face in Anzu's breasts upon meeting her and even Yugi's grandfather commented on Anzu's breasts getting bigger. Yugi, of all people, actually fantasized about looking up Anzu's skirt in the first chapter. I guess Yugi isn't as innocent as he seems.


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