300px-Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skartaris was a mysterious land in a pocket dimension.

History Edit

Powered by a small red sun, the world of Skartaris was home to many different tribes and nations, and had a diverse wildlife that included dinosaur species that were extinct on the outside World. Several people were able to travel from the outside to the inside via a hole in the North Pole.


  1. Deimos
  2. Jennifer Morgan
  3. Machiste
  4. Mariah Romanova
  5. Shakira
  6. Tara Morgan
  7. Travis Morgan

Background Edit

Skartaris was created for First Issue Special #8, Warlord's comics debut. In this world view, the Earth is hollow; the core is in fact a small red sun. Skartaris lies on the inside of the sphere, creating a unique sky on which the lands on the other side could be seen. "Chaos at the Earth's Core" is more consistent in this than the comics; on more than a few occasions artists would give Skartaris a generic blue sky.

In the DCAU, the Earth is not hollow. According to Dwayne McDuffie, Skartaris is located in a pocket dimension.

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