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The Narrator is a third person character in the Pokémon anime. He has been in almost every episode and movie throught the whole series. 

The narrator usually speaks at the beginning and ending of each episode. In the beginning of an episode he usually informs the audience of what Ash Ketchum and his friends are doing or where they're heading. Sometimes he'll even explain what they did in the previous episode. He would usually conclude the episode with what Ash and company had learned during the episode or say what they were planning to do next. In movies, he usually is only heard at the beginning giving an overview of the Pokémon world.

Errors Edit

  • In EP080 During the flashback of Ash's battle with Ritchie in the Pokémon League, the narrator states that Ash took a chance on Charizard when they each only had one Pokémon left, however Ritchie still had two when Ash sent out Charizard.
  • The narrator says, "Ash is determined to earn his final Badge at the Mahogany Gym." Followed by Ash saying: "Yes! I can't wait to get my sixth Badge, then it's on to the Johto League!" However, the Mahogany Gym is actually the seventh out of eight Gyms.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end of the episode EP059, the narrator says that "Ash hurries on to Viridian City, eager to compete for a green Earth Badge, meanwhile Misty is seeing red, and that's sure to make Brock blue", obviously referring to the original Generation I video games.

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