250px-King Bumi

The King of Omashu. He is a good friend of Avatar Aang. Aang named his son Bumi after him.

Training Edit

You've gotta open your brain to the possibilities.
There are options in fighting called Jing. It's a choice on how you direct your Energy. There's positive Jing when you're attacking and Negative Jing when you're Retreating. And Neutral Jing: When you do Nothing. Neutral Jing is the Key to Earthbending. It involves Listening and Waiting for the Right Moment to Strike. 

Super PowersEdit

Earthbending is based on a style of Kung Fu called Hung Gar. Hung Gar Kung Fu uses strong stances, rooting the fighter to the ground.

Earthbending involves striking the ground with the hands or feet.

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