A member of the Justice League.


  1. Flight
  2. Heat Vision
  3. Superhuman Hearing
  4. Superhuman Speed
  5. Superhuman Stamina
  6. Superhuman Strength: Superman can lift a Maximum of 3000 Tons.
  7. Telescopic vision
  8. Voice synthesization
  9. X-Ray Vision

Feats of Strength Edit

  • His punches created shockwaves(JLU)
  • Tossed Kalibak miles away(S:TAS)
  • Sent Lobo, Ten, and Darkseid flying across the city with one punch(S:TAS/JLU)
  • Carried an jumbo-jet(JLU)
  • Stopped a speeding missile(S:TAS)
  • Sent Gorilla Grodd flying across a football stadium with a flick of his finger(JL)

Feats of Speed Edit

  • Fast enough to act like a drill/tornado(S:TAS/JLU)
  • Faster than a bullet(Every Show)
  • Dodged Darkseid's Omega beam(JL)
  • Faster than the future Batmobile's top speed, Mach 3(Batman Beyond)

Feats of Durability Edit

  • Unphased by lava(JLU)
  • Unphased by a jet missile and a car bomb(S:TAS)
  • Immune to small-arms fire(S:TAS/JLU)
  • Survived a kryptonite missile(S:TAS)
  • Withstood Captain Marvel's lightning attacks(JLU)
  • Unphased by buildings collapsing on top of him(JLU)

Combat Edit

Secret Identity Edit

Characters who know his Greatest Secret.

  1. Alfred Pennyworth
  2. Brainiac
  3. Bruce Wayne(Batman)
  4. J'onn J'onzz(Martian Manhunter)
  5. John Stewart(Green Lantern)
  6. Kal-El(Superman) (Justice Lord)
  7. Lana Lang
  8. Oliver Queen(Green Arrow)
  9. Princess Diana of Themyscira(Wonder Woman)
  10. Shayera Hol(Hawkgirl)
  11. Terry McGinnis(Batman)
  12. Wally West(Flash)

Enemies Edit

  1. Bizarro
  2. Brainiac
  3. Bruno Mannheim
  4. Darkseid
  5. Doomsday
  6. General Hardcastle
  7. Granny Goodness
  8. Jax-Ur
  9. Joker
  10. Kalibak
  11. Kal-El(Superman) (Justice Lord)
  12. Karkull
  13. Lex Luthor
  14. Lex Luthor (Justice Lords' Universe)
  15. Lobo
  16. Mad Harriet
  17. Mala
  18. Mongul
  19. Mr. Mxyzptlk
  20. Preserver
  21. Starro
  22. Stompa
  23. Titano

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