Earth-16 or Universe-16 is the universe in which Young Justice takes place. It is part of DC Comics' multiverse of 52 parallel worlds that arose after the Infinite Crisis.

Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti asked DC for one of the Earths that had not been used, and were assigned Earth-16.

However, Earth-16 had been used before. In a DC Nation column, it was said to be the home of the "Super-Sons", and in the Countdown: Arenaminiseries, a Superman of Earth-16 named Christopher Kent appeared. When this was discovered, it was too late to change it for Young Justice, but those events have thus far been ignored.

The timeline lists the events that happened on Earth-16 in chronological order.

Alternate Universes Edit

  1. DCAU
  2. Earth Flashpoint Paradox Universe
  3. Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Universe
  4. Justice Lords Universe
  5. Source Wall

Super Heros Edit

  1. Alan Scott 
  2. Artemis Crock(Tigress)
  3. B'arzz O'oomm(Green Beetle)
  4. Barry Allen(Flash) (Earth-16)
  5. Bioship
  6. Bart Allen(Impulse/Kid Flash)
  7. Bear
  8. Beluga Boy
  9. Billy Batson(Captain Marvel) (Earth-16)
  10. Blue Devil(Earth-16)
  11. Dan Garrett(Blue Beetle)
  12. Dinah Lance(Black Canary) (Earth-16)
  13. Dreamer
  14. Infinity-Man
  15. Garfield Logan(Beast Boy)
  16. Icon
  17. J'onn J'onzz(Martian Manhunter) (Earth-16)
  18. Jason Todd(Robin)
  19. Kent Nelson(Doctor Fate) (Earth-16)
  20. Ted Kord(Blue Beetle)
  21. Wonder Woman

Supervillains Edit

  1. Amazo (Earth-16)
  2. Ambassador
  3. Black Beetle
  4. Darkseid(Earth-16)
  5. Despero(Earth-16)
  6. Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley(Poison Ivy) (Earth-16)
  7. Icicle Jr.
  8. Icicle Sr. 
  9. Joker (Earth-16)
  10. Lex Luthor (Earth 16)
  11. Lobo(Earth-16)
  12. Queen Bee
  13. Vandal Savage

Citizens Edit

  1. Catherine Cobert

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